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 Immunizations & Vaccines

For traveling or seasonal vaccines, we've got you covered: Flu, Shingles, TDap, Pneumoccal, Zoster.


Delivery & shipping -- both are available when needed.  Let us know how we can help.


One size doesn't fit all. We compound medications for a variety of reasons & in a variety of dosages.

Durable Medical Equipment

Purchase & rental of crutches, wheelchairs,  walkers, rollators, canes, sports braces, walking boots.

Point-of-Care Testing

Weight, height, blood pressure, diabetes assistance;

other biometrics coming soon.

Medicare Planning

ALWAYS FREE! We can help save you money by choosing the right Medicare Plan for your needs.

Medication Synchronization

Tired of juggling? We can schedule the pick up of all your family's rx's in one trip.

Compliance Packaging

We can custom pack medications for you, compliant with nursing home regulations.

Medical Therapy Management

What's keeping you from taking your meds? We can help you find a solution.

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